ACE Visual Inc is a successful and innovative Visual products company, based on Los Angles, CA. Our mission is to provide our customers with affordable quality products and excellent service.

Affordable quality products

We supply various quality LED displays with affordable cost. ACE Visual is committed to using high quality components and doing strict control of our supply chain.

Creative solutions

Embracing new and creative technology, ACE Visual products keep the first place of the industry. We apply Mini4in1 LEDs into rental products, which avoid less collision during the installation; our Platinum PRO series is designed for DOOH market with 16:9 golden ratio, Aluminum Chassis for fast heat dissipation,etc.

Excellent service

Our U.S based service and repair team is to provide our customers with excellent service.

Our strength


At ACE Visual, we do strictly qaulity control for all of our visual products. We only use the most reliable, best performing components available.

We Are ACE Visual

Others cut cost by using cheaper components with a shorter lifespan. We focus on providing the best LED visual products with the industry high quality components.


Keep innovating with time, we use better technology to make our customers more competitive in the market.

Contact information

ACE Visual team is at your service every day

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